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Risk & Opportunity: The Myth of Generational Preferences


For years the common assumption has been that Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers each have unique desires when it comes to customer experiences.

As it turns out, generational preferences are fast becoming a myth.

In this Webinar, see surprising research that reveals what customers really want across generations – and how to attract, retain and motivate them to take action at the lowest possible cost.

Risk & Opportunity: The Myth of Generational Preferences
Date and time
60 minutes
The research reveals:

What delights and what annoys – the remarkable cross-generation similarities
Self-service opportunities and pitfalls – where to invest to please all generations
Growing customer experience backlash – how to avoid complaints from poor service

About the presenters

Lynn Ridenour
Senior Director
Nuance Communications

Lynn leads the solutions and channel marketing efforts for the Nuance Enterprise Division. She enjoys engaging with customers, learning about their businesses, listening closely to understand their challenges, and exploring how they are optimizing their customer care experiences. Lynn has spent more than 20 years working at the intersection of marketing and innovation. She’s a veteran of several venture-backed companies in the telecommunications, software, Internet and clean technology industries.

Nathan Richter
Wakefield Research

Wakefield Research is an independent global research consultancy that works with some of the world’s most iconic B2B and consumer brands. Nathan is a thought leader on interactions between brands and their customers and serves as a resource for media.

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